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Croydon Deco 


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Located on the leafy streets of Croydon, a stone’s throw from the cafés of Queen Street, this bold monochromic home enjoys a new family orientated addition. Built in 1915 as an asymmetrical villa, in the 1950’s this home received an art deco inspired transformation. Archaea was drawn to the art deco architectural details of the curved verandah, masonry struck lines and bold black detailing.


Our client’s brief was centred around creating an addition that allowed them to come together as a family. Qualities we strived to achieve; expansiveness, natural light and volume. The outcome of the renovation saw 3.4m ceiling heights, defined in black and white blocks layered in random heights, venturing inside the main space and enveloping the service core.

Externally curves defined in black echo the deco inspired detailing; black fascia’s, black curved concrete and round random columns. Breezeblocks that map the changing patterns of sunlight on the concrete throughout the day.


The bathroom and laundry zones are playful with touches of green yet elegant with timeless details. Black steel frames doors and windows adorn the open-plan space, with 3.4m ceilings bringing natural light deep into the interior. Round windows pivot open for ventilation. The wood fire backdropped against the original red brick wall of the house was positioned to create maximum efficiency and cosiness.


This monochromic beauty pays homage to its façade with a contemporary rear intervention.

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